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You’re motivated. And disciplined. And someone who will do significant things in life. You’re committed to creating the success you dream of.

You have a goal for your life. But one thing isn’t easy: how to take all the right steps you need to get there.

I see the breakdown of steps you need to make your goals a reality, no matter where you are now and no matter where you want to go.


Whether you want to feel confident about asking for the sale, taking the right steps without struggling, or go beyond getting your first couple of clients so that you can have the business you want and the life you dream of, I can help.

Dreaming about your future is one thing. Making it happen is another. Let’s do it together.

Hi, I'm Steve Zapata

I’m a dedicated business coach who believes it’s ALL possible. You can make money with the passions you love, while also living a life you love. I’m an honest, determined, teacher-at-heart, with a passion to see people learn and succeed. 

What does this mean for you? I know how to help you get the clients you need so that you grow and scale the business you want without all the struggle or staring at a screen for long hours to make it happen. Instead, your business will support you and your dreams, whatever you want them to be.

I’m a 53% observant and 65% Feeling ISFJ, and I use all of my knowledge in everything I do. This means I take your understanding of business and use my teaching skills , technical know-how, love of strategy, hunger for learning, and comprehensive understanding of what makes your brain learn fast, to help you understand how to build your business fast, so that you can create a successful, life giving, and wildly fulfilling job that does not feel like a job.


FREE! The Non-Salesy Script For Scaling To 6-Figures.

Proven Guided Framework To Increase Your Conversion Rates While Staying True And Authentic To Who You Are

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