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"9 deals on the table ranging from $5000-$50000....Coaching team identified and building.....Started writing book"

Kirk Thibodeaux, Business Coach


Justin Bell,

Amazon Consultant


"Steve has a real gift of writing copy that PROVOKES CURIOSITY & keeps the reader ENGAGED." 

"In our day and age of endless information and content, ATTENTION is the new currency.  If you can get and keep the attention of your customers, making the sale is easy.  No one does this better than Steve Zapata!"

"Steve is a great coach who believes in his clients... this feels very real to me!"

Christina, Ranch Manager

Steve helped me to implement more order, gain better understanding for what I am wanting to achieve. He helped me obtain better insight into some of my personal struggles. His affirmation, encouragement, belief in me, and lack of judgement were my favorite parts about working with him. I have also learned how to use my time more wisely while I continue to grow in this! Steve’s affirmation, and understanding help bring awareness. Steve also has great ideas for doing things more effectively.


I would especially recommend Steve to those who need to sort through what really matters in their life, and who may be disorganized, or really need some help in sorting through again what matters. Steve has really helped bring greater awareness to my circumstances and motivation for making good changes. I believe he has a grace with this. I have already recommended him to my brother.

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“I’m so close to hiring you… Your emails to get us on board are fire”


Leigh Booker, Health Coach

"He pulled out of me what I already new and helped me listen to myself."

"Steve really helped me get my mind center around what to say and how to say it and how to organize the thoughts of the changes that I had in my life so that my mess would become my message. I can still go back the videos and copywriting that Steve did for me and use it, build off it, for continued social media posts. He helped me write my own testimony and taught me how to use it to show up on stages. His copywriting helped me make sure I hit all of the high points and not get off-track when sharing my story. Steve's copywriting was helpful and a great tool to use right before my summit so I could let people see what they could expect from me and my summit. 

"There has been times when people say they are going to coach me, but then, I am doing it all by myself"

Ralph Wright, Business Coach

$250,000 Closed In Under 6 Months


"I gained so much clarity from my first coaching call with Steve!

Steve's, knowledge, structure and professionalism is exactly what I needed to build my business." 

Clover Taylor - Johnston

Email Subscriber

“I’m so close to hiring you… Your emails to get us on board are fire”

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